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CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook-And-Loop Insert

The CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook-And-Loop Insert attaches your CCW and a magazine to any loop surface inside of your bag. Secure and reliable retention of your everyday carry (EDC) essentials.

Secure and attach your CCW and a spare mag with the CCW-PLUS-MAG hook-and-loop insert.

The CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook & Loop Insert is the ultimate solution for securely carrying your CCW firearm and a spare magazine on any loop surface. Secured in place with a universally fitting elastic strap supported by tough Hypalon rubber backing. It will hold your CCW and either a single- or double-stack magazine. A sewn-in hook fastener backing securely attaches to any loop surface, keeping your CCW ready for quick access when you need them.

Let us help you stay confident and prepared 24/7. Upgrade your everyday carry (EDC) setup with the CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook & Loop Insert and experience a superior solution for carrying your everyday essentials.

Total Capacity
Net Weight
1.3 ounces | 36 grams.


  • Overall external measurements: 5” (H) x 3.75” (W).


  • Holds a CCW and one single- or double-stack magazine with self-adjusting elastic webbing retention.
  • Hook fastener sewn on the back, attaches onto any loop surface.
  • Grippy Hypalon rubber secures your CCW and accessories.
  • Can use to retain battery chargers, flashlights, folding knives, multi-tools, cables, accessories, etc.


  • Hypalon rubber composite. Ultra-durable & grippy. Resistant to heat, chemicals & UV.
Item Code: 011101
Shipping Weight: 0.20 LBS
UPC Code:
Package Width:
6.50 (in)
Package Heigh:
9.00 (in)
Package Dept:
1.00 (in)

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